Below are a list of the most commonly asked customer questions and guidance on each topic.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please call us on 01622 238 448 and one of our specialists will be happy to help.

What if my phone line is down?

If you have an issue with your service, please contact our support team on 01622 238 448. Fault Reporting is available 24/7.

BT Response times and Care Levels

Openreach aim to have your fault fixed within 2 working days with the standard Care Level 2 option on lines. This lead time is subject to change due to engineering availability in the area and the complexity of the fault.

If your fault is associated with a major service outage in your area, then lead times may be drastically extended depending on the work required to fix the issue. In these cases, associated Care Level times will not apply.

If you are concerned about the lead times associated with your business lines, then we can offer you enhanced Care Level options;

Care Level 3 – repair by End of Next Half Working Day (Inc Bank Holidays) Mon- Sun

Care Level 4 provides a target 6-hour fix; this is the actual repair time and not response time, so essentially the lines can be up and running within 6 hours.

This is applicable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and includes all bank and public holidays. This is particularly good for companies that rely heavily on their phones or those that require out of office response times. Please speak to your Account Manager to discuss the pricing on our enhanced options.

Diverting calls, TCD’s and 1571

If you require a divert, please let our support team know as soon as possible on 01622 238 448. A charge of £5 will be applied for all diverts and is a charge that is levied by BT Openreach. In some instances, it will not be possible to divert your lines during the same day so please be aware of this when organising any business arrangements around a remote divert.

There is a lead time associated with all diverts which is anything up to 2 hours, most diverts do go live within 40 minutes.

1571 is a single analogue BT messaging service. If this is something that you would like applied to your line please contact your Account Manager who will be able to confirm pricing. The lead time for this order is 1 working day. If you would like a more enhanced voicemail which allows you to personalise your mailbox greeting, then BT Call Minder would be more appropriate. This service is for single analogue lines only.

Can I take my number if we move address?

If you are moving premises within the same exchange area you should be able to retain your current number. If you are moving outside your existing exchange you can still retain your number using our Inbound Product. (take customer to Inbound Product PDF) Please contact your Account Manager to discuss your options.

How quickly can you install a new line for me?

Lead times for new lines depend on the line type and the engineering availability in your area. Lead times are also subject to change due to additional work that is sometimes required. These are the guidelines for new line installations:

  • Analogue Lines – 10 to 14 working days
  • ISDN2 Circuits – 2 to 4 weeks
  • ISDN30 – 6 to 8 weeks

Please note that these timescales are guidelines only and can vary per area and are also dependant on availability

Do you provide telephone systems and maintenance?

Lead times for new lines depend on the line type and the engineering availability in your area. Lead times are also subject to change due to additional work that is sometimes required. These are the guidelines for new line installations:

  • Analogue Lines – 10 to 14 working days
  • ISDN2 Circuits – 2 to 4 weeks
  • ISDN30 – 6 to 8 weeks

Please note that these timescales are guidelines only and can vary per area and are also dependant on availability.

Do you provide systems and maintenance?

RTF Networks can supply, install and maintain a telephone system to suit your business’s needs. Click here to find out more about what systems we install and maintain.

What are our contract terms?

RTF Networks offer bespoke contract terms to suit your business needs. Please contact your Account Manager or our Support Team to discuss your contract terms.

What is Inbound?

Inbound is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to empower any business with the perfect customer service.


Available as Contact Point, Contact Path and Contact Pro, RTF Networks Inbound Services need no capital outlay, can be set up on the network in minutes for maximum operational flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use.


What are the benefits of Inbound Solutions?

  • Can be used with any number, anywhere, from any device – available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and accessed through a secure user friendly website that can be accessed through any device.
  • Easy to use – the entire service is designed to be jargon free, intuitive, and enables users to become very productive, very quickly.
  • Immediate to set up – everything’s online and directly feeds into the network giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features.
  • No capital outlay – no set up costs means that it can be funded out of operational spend, enabling quick decision making and implementation.

Visit our Inbound Solutions page to find out more about how this could benefit your business.

How do I set up email on my smartphone?

  • Go into settings and look for Email accounts. Select add new and choose the option that best suits your Email set up (if it is work, personal or both).
  • If it is a Work account, you will need to obtain the set-up information from your IT department to complete or pass to them for completion and authorisation.
  • If it is a Personal account, then enter your credentials when prompted and follow the set-up procedure – you may need to speak to your ISP for additional information

What if my emails are not working on my smartphone?

Turn off any Wi-Fi connection and see if you can open web pages on your device over the Mobile networks (3G or 4G) – if you can open a site them the problem will be with your email set up so please check your user settings with your IT company or your ISP.

What do I do if I lose service on my handset for calls & data?

In the first instance please restart the device – where possible remove the battery for a couple of minutes and then replace before restarting.


On iPhone devices, go into the Settings and switch on Aeroplane Mode for a few seconds and then Switch Aeroplane Mode off again. If this doesn’t work then go into Settings, General, scroll down to Reset Network Settings only.


If neither of these works, then try the SIM card in another handset where possible – if you then have signal it is most likely to be the handset that is at fault. Please contact us to discuss warranty options.

How do I activate a new SIM Card?

If you have received a replacement SIM card for an existing number, then please contact us and quote the Mobile number and SIM card number you have received and we will activate it for you – this can take up to 24 hours but in most cases, is much sooner.


If you have received a new SIM card with a new number, then generally we will have already dealt with the activation process and you may find it is already active when inserted into the handset.


Please note in either instance if you have placed the new SIM card in your device and it shows ‘No Service’ then please switch the handset Off and On again at regular intervals until service has resumed.

Will my handset work outside of the UK?

Please notify us a couple of days prior to travelling so we can lift any restrictions that may be in place. If you do not let us know and are already outside of the UK we can request that any restrictions are lifted but cannot guarantee the changes are completed as you will already be on the foreign network.

What are the correct APN settings for my device and network?


My handset is faulty, is it covered under warranty?

Unless otherwise stated, all handsets (except for iPhones) are supplied with a 24-month warranty with a next working day exchange for faults if it is a manufacturing defect. Please contact your Mobile Account Manager for assistance.


iPhones are supplied with the standard 12 months Apple Warranty and any faults or servicing needs during this time are directed to your nearest Apple Store.

IT Questions?

You will receive a Welcome Letter detailing the name and contact details of your Account Manager and these details are also included on your monthly invoice. Please contact our Customer Support Team on 01622 238 448 and they will be able to help you further.

Why can’t I get Fibre Broadband when others nearby can?

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) is the latest and fastest broadband solution for businesses and it is being rolled out all over the UK. For ordinary ‘ADSL’ broadband, it was sufficient to know if your local exchange had been provisioned, however with FTTC your line must also be fibre enabled. The easiest way to find out what is available to you, or when you might be able to use this service, contact us.

How quickly can you install broadband for me?

The lead times for a broadband installation can vary depending on the product and the solution you require. The normal installation time for a standard broadband connection is seven to ten working days however a fast-track service is sometimes available. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.


Customers must note that they must take responsibility for their own internal networks, servers and static IP configurations.

Using a RTF Networks supplied router?

We can supply you with a preconfigured router which will be preconfigured with your login details.

Can I use my own router?

If you have purchased your own router, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Please also refer to the Account Details and Setup Information sheet included with the Welcome Letter we will send you.

How can I reconfigure our existing router?

If you choose not to receive our pre configured router and need help configuring your existing router, we would be happy to provide this service at our discounted rate. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.

Who is my Account Manager?

Your welcome pack and monthly invoice will show the name and contact details of your Account Manager. The Customer Support Team also have these details on 01622 238 448.

How do I make a complaint?

We pride ourselves on our customer experience so if an issue arises, our Customer Support Team are on hand to take your call.

Where is RTF Networks Customer Support Policy?

Click here to view our Customer Support Policy

What Checks can I do to see if my line is at fault?

For all standard single analogue lines, your test socket will be a small grey/white box. It will have a horizontal line just over half way up and two silver screws either side. There may be a picture of the BT man on the front or alternatively, you may be able to see the Openreach label and logo.

What is a filter?

Micro filters prevent your phone signal from interfering with your broadband signal and vice versa. Without them you may experience slow broadband speeds, intermittent connections or disruption or high pitched noises on your phone line. Each micro-filter has two sockets; an ADSL or DSL socket for connecting your router and a phone socket for connecting your router and a socket for connecting a telephone, digital TV box or answering machine.

What is the lead time for a line fault?

This depends on the Care Level you have on your line. It can be anything from 6 hours to 3 working days. If Openreach experience a Major Service Outage, or issue and ‘MBORC’ (Matter Beyond Openreach’s Reasonable Control), then lead times can be increased.

How long will it take my divert to activate?

This can depend on the line type, divert type and scenario. In all fault scenarios, the lead time is always up to 2 hours and these will usually be applied in the first 40 minutes however these can be applied 24/7. In other circumstances, we can apply a divert for you within 2 working hours, unless the line is an ISDN30, in which case the lead time is 1 working day. For analogue lines, there are products which we can apply to enable you to set up your own diverts as and when required. You can also set up diverts via your Phone System if your equipment is compatible.

Will I be charged for an engineer visit?

Yes, charges apply unless otherwise agreed. This will vary depending on the reason for the visit, the type of engineer required and whether it be RTF Networks or Openreach.

What is a Care Level?

A Care Level determines the response time in a fault scenario. The range between Care Level 1 – 4 and the pricing is dependent on line type and the number of lines per number. These are a guide, rather than a guarantee, although in most cases Openreach resolve faults in the specified time frame.

What is the difference between ADSL & FTTC?

FTTC stands for Fibre To The Cabinet. The first part of the wiring from the exchange to the green cabinet at the end of your road, will be fibre and any cabling from the cabinet to your premises will be copper. FTTC can provide customers with high broadband speeds; anything up to 80MB. ADSL is a broadband service that runs on a single copper pair from the exchange to your premises. Speeds on both FTTC and ADSL depend on multiple factors including the copper line quality and the distance from your business to the exchange.

What first line checks can I do to see if my line is at fault?

There are several diagnostic checks that can be carried out prior to reporting. They will help us with diagnosing and then fixing the problem. These include swapping the handset for a different one and disconnecting all other equipment attached to the line and leaving just your phone plugged in. Establish if you can make and receive calls.

Also try plugging a working handset into your master socket.

My broadband is down, what should I do?

There are several diagnostic checks that can be carried out prior to reporting this to us/your Broadband Provider. They will help us with diagnosing and then fixing the problem. These checks include a re-boot of the router (turning the power off, leaving the device off for 10 mins and then turning it back on again), replacing the micro-filter and plugging a phone into the line and checking the dial tone.

How do I find out the number of my line?

Pick up the phone to make a call as normal then dial 17070. You will hear an automated voice reading out the phone number to you.

How can I check if it’s my equipment or the line?

Make sure you are plugging your handset into the main master socket and not an extension socket. If you have a spare handset replace the existing phone with another phone that you know is working. If you are testing your own router, then we would recommend swapping your router for a different one that you know is working, if you have one available.

Can I have a specific time for an engineer rather than AM or PM?

Yes, weekend and out of hour appointments are often available depending on resource and area availability. Additional charges apply too.

Can I pay extra for my fault to be fixed quicker?

Yes, you can increase your care level by paying an additional monthly charge. Increasing your care level will help with getting an engineer assigned quicker therefore reducing the overall repair time should you ever experience a fault.

Can I pay extra to have my line installed quicker?

Yes, in most cases we can expedite an appointment depending on resources. Additional charges will apply.

Will engineers call ahead when installing lines or fixing faults?

Not necessarily. We will pass on your contact details to Openreach and often engineers will ring ahead of attending your premises, but not always. Please do not rely on this and ensure someone is on site ready for the engineer for the duration of the time slot you have been issued and this will prevent any missed appointment charges.

What time of day will my broadband go live?

Unless you’re having FTTC installed, broadband can go live at any point during the day up until midnight on the live date.

What does my first invoice include?

Your first invoice will include charges for part of the month when your line transfers to RTF Networks, as well as the current month and your advance charges. From then on you will just receive the charge for advanced line rental.

Do you offer a call bundle package?

Rather than offer call bundle packages filled with small print and unexpected charges, we offer low and transparent pence per minute rates to our customers.

Why am I getting charged Fraud Protection? What is this?

Toll Fraud (also known as dial-through fraud) is becoming increasingly common in the UK. It occurs when someone “hacks” into your telephone system, ISDN, analogue lines, SIP lines, or Network with the specific intention of running up very large bills. This goes completely undetected and the only time you will know about it is when you receive your next phone bill.

Many people may have heard of Toll Fraud but mistakenly believe that it does not happen in the UK. In fact, the UK is one of the top 5 countries in the world where toll fraud occurs and 40% of companies have been hit at some point. It is believed that Toll Fraud costs UK businesses £1.3 to £1.5 billion per annum and this figure is set to rise more and more. No company or organisation is immune; high profile victims include the Department of Homeland Security and Scotland Yard. Professional criminals set up powerful auto diallers to randomly search for telephone system passwords or public IP addresses which when hacked allow access into the voicemail boxes, lines or SIP Trunks which then dial out repeatedly on your lines to a premium number, or pre-sold expensive destinations which over the course of a weekend, overnight, or Bank Holiday can run up tens of thousands of pounds of calls on your account which you will, by law, be liable for.


Please take note of the below points:

  1. Change all your passwords regularly and make sure they are not default passwords. This includes Networks, Systems, Routers, Modems and computers.
  2. Ensure that every mailbox on your voicemail system has a secure password, not a default one.
  3. Disable all Conference facilities if you don’t use this function, or regularly change the access code.
  4. Be aware that SIP trunks are particularly susceptible via the public IP addresses attached to the Telephone System or your Computer network.
  5. Be aware that you are responsible for the security of your lines, your telephone systems and your computer network and for any calls charged to your account because of hacking.
  6. Bank Holidays and weekends are a favourite time for hackers to try and access your systems.

RTF Networks has taken steps to protect our clients from what has become a significant risk. Our Lines and Hosted Solutions are now available with a fraud protection service called SafeGuard that could potentially save your business thousands of pounds.

Specifically, we can:

  • Automatically cut off any phone number with a usage of over £500*.

If your phone number spends more than £500 in 24 hours on traffic which is not UK geographic or UK mobile we will cut it off automatically (we can easily turn it on again).

  • Guarantee the charge limit on any breaches*.

If the 24-hour threshold is breached, you will not be liable for usage over £500.

  • Automated notification of any cut-off*.

In the event of any of your numbers being cut-off, we will send you an email to notify you that a block has been applied. We can then remove the block, if required.

The monthly cost of this service is just 99p per analogue telephone number, £1.99 per ISDN2 telephone number and £9.99 per ISDN30 telephone number.

Should you have any further questions about this service or would like to opt out, please contact our Customer Relations Team on 01622 238 448.

 *Please see our Fraud Protection Terms and Conditions for further details. (take them to Terms and Conditions Page via link)