Billing & Invoices

Billing & Invoices

Here you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to customer invoices and payments.

For all billing queries please call 01622 238 448.

What if I move out of my property?

If you are moving out of your property and need to request a final bill, please email with the following information:

Date that you are leaving, forwarding address/email address, details of the new owners (if known).

Why is my first bill higher than expected?

RTF Networks usually invoice one month in advance for line rental and one month in arrears for call charges, however, on your first bill the rental will be backdated to when the lines were installed, so you may have up to three months of line rental charges on the first bill as well as any installation charges.

Why have I been charged for an engineer visit?

If an Openreach engineer must go to a property to fix a fault, there will be a standard charge of £145 plus £145 for each hour (TRC) the engineer is onsite. If the equipment is non-BT maintained, the engineer will also charge if no fault is found or the fault is with equipment e.g. a faulty fax machine or telephone.

I don’t recognise a charge on my bill?

If a charge appears on your invoice that you do not recognise, please email with your query, this can then be forwarded onto the correct department to consider to see if the charge is correct.

How can I set up a Direct Debit on my Account?

The simplest way to set up a direct debit on your account is to call our Accounts department on 01622 238 448, all we need is your sort code and account number, alternatively you can email and request a Direct Debit mandate.

When should I expect my Direct Debit to go out?

The Direct Debit will usually be collected 14 days after the invoice has been generated, this ensures that any queries can be answered before collection.

Why is my credit note not showing on my invoice?

Credit notes are issued separately to invoices and will not show on any invoice. It will show on the balance owing, for example if you have a credit note for £10.00 and your next invoice totals £100.00, the balance owing on the account will be £90.00, if an account is on Direct Debit, the Direct Debit will take the credit note into account.

Can I receive itemisation with my monthly invoice?

If you would like any additional reports along with future invoices e.g. itemisation, please email and we will arrange for this to be included for future invoices.

What if I no longer need services that RTF Networks provides?

If you wish to cease services with RTF Networks, please send your request in writing to, all requests must be made in writing as you may be in contract and must give notice to cease services.