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Customer Data Capture Wi-Fi


Rather than using a conventional password protected Wi-Fi, we offer a service allowing your customers to use their social media to log into your network.


The purpose of this Wi-Fi Solution is to capture the personal data of any individual using the service. This data can include Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email address and phone number. Once you have this information you can use it for marketing purposes.


We provide a cloud based software which enables your customers quick and easy Wi-Fi access, whilst capturing customer information enabling businesses to promote events and promotional offers to the individual.

Our cloud based portal allows businesses to have full manageability of their landing page and pop-up advertisements, therefore creating a unique wireless platform for their customers to experience.


  • Create a Customer Database – RTF Business Wi-Fi creates a solution requiring registration before proceeding with Wi-Fi Access. This process requires new users to supply basic details using social media outlets. These can include; Name, Age, Gender, Email Address and any other information you wish to capture. These details will be stored in the cloud based software and can be accessed by specified users at any time.


  • Meeting Customer Expectations – Customers have become accustomed to free Wi-Fi access; it is often expected.


  • Using our expertise in surveying radio frequencies and the information gathered from your site survey, we will ensure that your access points are located in optimal positions meaning your business will be market leading.


  • Pre Wi-Fi Installation Site Surveys – Using our highly-qualified Engineers, and specialist equipment we can survey a location prior to a Wi-Fi installation to ensure full coverage is available throughout your building. This will ensure that your business does not suffer from any blind spots, and the data speeds you receive are consistent.


  • Post Wi-Fi Installation Survey – After installation, we can complete a post installation Radio Frequency survey which will provide evidence that the system which supplies full coverage to all areas required.


Ongoing portal, equipment and engineering maintenance support:

During the duration of your contract, RTF Networks will provide both operational and engineering support. Operational support will provide you expert advice or any portal related issues over the phone and via email. Further to this, if you have the necessary maintenance package, all your equipment will be replaced without charge by one of our engineers if equipment starts to fail. Following any change of equipment, a post installation Radio Frequency Survey will once again take place to ensure the system is operated as expected.


  • If you would like to speak to RTF Networks please call us on +44 (0)1622 238448 and a member of staff will be more happy to help, or contact us by going to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you shortly.

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