RTF Networks | RTF Networks provide a wide range of productivity enhancing Data Solutions.

Broadband / ADSL / FTTC

Connectivity is arguably the most crucial business tool for any company in the 21st Century.

RTF Networks provides a range of solutions that can enhance your productivity and allow a more flexible working environment.

You can also protect your productivity by having a backup service giving your business continuity and additional protection in the event of a data outage.

Choose from a range of Broadband options:

Business Broadband (ADSL 2+)

  • Up to 24Mb Download
  • Up to 1.5Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

  • Up to 80Mb Download
  • Up to 20Mb Upload
  • Unlimited Data

Why choose Fibre Broadband?

  • Increase your profits by offering better services to more satisfied customers.
  • Improve your customers’ experience with quicker communication and faster file-sharing.
  • Reduce software and hardware costs by helping you switch to online data storage solutions.
  • Move your IT services to the cloud for file sharing and off site data backup.
  • Enhance the way you communicate and collaborate through online video conference and cloud-based information sharing.
  • Future-proof your business with the latest technology to meet your customers’ needs.
  • Higher download speeds
  • Higher upload speeds

Managed Broadband

  • Next Generation Broadband
  • Automatic Failover
  • QOS Enabled for Voice
  • Remote Device Management

Converged Broadband

Increasingly businesses look to their data connectivity to carry not only their internet traffic and their emails but also their voice calls.

At the heart of our Converged Broadband products is an affordable solution that enables you to consolidate and converge your data and voice networks, giving your business several distinct advantages:

  • Converged Broadband  provides the ideal platform for migrating to IP Telephony and opening the numerous benefits that IP Telephony brings.
  • Reduce supplier and network management costs by removing legacy voice infrastructure.
  • Access to increased bandwidth and performance will help your business move into the cloud.
  • Purchasing an end-to-end service, from a single, trusted supplier means problems are easily fixed.

Resilience is paramount when your business relies on it.

RTF Networks have a portfolio of products that cater for a range of budgets for all businesses but all achieve the sort of resilience that can help protect the communications structure of your business.

Mobile Broadband

  • Get connected on the go
  • All major networks supported
  • Super-fast 4G available
  • Plans from as little as £7.50 per month

Do you constantly have to search for Wi-Fi to get online with your laptop or tablet when you are on the go?

RTF Networks Mobile Broadband could be the solution you have been looking for.


Why Mobile Broadband?

  • Stay connected when you are out of the office.
  • Tariffs and plans available from all the major networks.
  • Compatible with laptops, notebooks, and tablet devices.
  • Superfast 4G Mobile Broadband now available on all networks.
  • Plans from as little as £7.50 per month.


Make your business more Mobile!

MBB allows you to connect any sim-compatible device (such as an iPad or notebook PC) whilst away from the office.

Perfect if you need to complete a proposal or tidy up your inbox when travelling.

MBB is also perfect as a disaster recovery solution if your office broadband should be temporarily disabled. MBB would still give you the ability to run your business smoothly, without any profit loss should this ever occur.

RTF Networks can also provide MiFi solutions, which allows businesses to connect multiple devices on one single MBB connection.


  • If you would like to speak to RTF Networks please call us on +44 (0)1622 238448 and a member of staff will be more happy to help, or contact us by going to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you shortly.

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