Why Having a Good Wi-Fi Solution Is Vital For My Business

In an age of never sitting still, constant meetings, high end visits and the occasional desk move, your business’s wireless solution has never been more important than it is today. We have all accessed the web using a wireless network within our business’s, whether it was to check our emails, resolve a customer issue or to have a cheeky peak at our social media accounts. But why has business Wi-Fi become so important.


It is proven that having a fully functional wireless solution improves employee functionality. Simply put it allows your employees to connect to your network from anywhere within your building, meaning whether they are at their desk, in the lunch room or working at another desk for the day they never miss that important email or update, nor will they have to return to their desk every time they wish to print a document, trust me there is nothing more frustrating than continually returning to a desk to print one paragraph. Further to this, meetings and presentations become so much smoother, no longer do we live in a world where we need to untangle meeting room cables to ensure everyone has network connectivity.


But what if your current wireless solution is outdated? Having a fantastic wireless solution is great, but imagine trying to complete a high end meeting with clients and your wireless keeps dropping out? Imagine losing business on the fact your connectivity was insufficient during crucial negotiations? Sadly, all too often these things do happen, but you can avoid this happening to you.


There are many factors which can create issues within your wireless network, and very rarely are any two issues exactly the same. The best way to ensure your wireless signal is working to its optimum capability is to get it surveyed by a specialist. This would ensure you are not suffering from issues such as blind sports, channel interference, funnelling or a lack of resilience on your wireless network.


Wired Networks were once the gold standard of network connectivity, but as Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a changing. With Wi-Fi Access Points now capable of higher speeds than ever before, and with more users per access point rising, Wi-Fi is taking over. Wi-Fi cuts the costs of rewiring and moving hardware every time you reshuffle your business, or if your attempting to create space for a new starter.


In 2017 It has now become cheaper to purchase Wi-Fi access points than it is to purchase office standard trunking, so the biggest question of all now becomes, why wouldn’t you want a fully functional wireless solution? Look around your business, how many smart phones do you see? How may tablets are there? What about wireless scanning devices? All of these devices will work via Wi-Fi, however not all of them will work using your wired network connections. With technology it is imperative to never rest on your laurels, so ensure you do not get left behind believing your wired solution will last forever.