Why Having a Good Wi-Fi Solution Is Vital For My Business

Wi-Fi Solutions

Why an effective, reliable business Wi-Fi is so vital

In an age of constant meetings, high end visits and hot desking, wireless technology has never been so important to business efficiency.  At work we expect to be able to access the web using a wireless network, whether to check emails, resolve a customer issue or to post on social media.

Having a fully functional wireless solution improves employee functionality – it allows your employees to connect to your network from anywhere within your building, whatever desk they are at. There is nothing more frustrating than returning to a particular desk just in order to print a document or update a customer. Meetings and presentations become so much smoother with an effective W-Fi – we no longer live in a world where we need to untangle meeting room cables to ensure network connectivity and besides, doing this looks so archaic in front of your customers.

The best way to ensure your wireless signal is working to its optimum is to get it surveyed by a specialist. This ensures you identify issues such as blind spots, channel interference, funnelling or a lack of resilience on your network.

Wired Networks were once the gold standard of network connectivity, but times have changed. With Wi-Fi Access Points now capable of excellent high speeds and with more users per access point increasing, Wi-Fi is the future. Wi-Fi also reduces the costs of rewiring and moving hardware if you need to create space for a starter or even new department.

It is now cheaper to purchase Wi-Fi access points than it is to purchase office standard trunking, so the biggest question of all now becomes, why wouldn’t you want a fully functional wireless solution? Look around your business, how many smart phones do you see? How many tablets are there? What about wireless scanning devices? All of these devices will work via Wi-Fi, however not all of them will work using your wired network connections.

With technology it is imperative to stay ahead of the game, so don’t get left behind. If your current wireless technology is outdated, we would love to speak with you about the ways we can help your business.